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Be the Beat #1

Monday - December 13, 2009


For the next few months, we're running a separate storyline for the American Heart Association, based on their "Be The Beat" program to promote heart health.

You'll still get Snowflakes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but two of those updates per week will be AHA strips.

Hope you guys enjoy! The story takes place a little before the current plotline, so it'll give some insight into Sloan and Wray's history.

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April 2, 2012
by Chris

HOW A SNOWFLAKES STRIP IS CREATED - from sketch to final colors:

In case you missed it when I first blogged about it, I documented my step by step process on how a Snowflakes strip is created.

August 17, 2011
by chris

Hey guys! I recently blogged about a couple of things that may interest you:

First, is a small Snowflakes promotional package I recently made:

Second, are a few promotional tearsheets I made for promoting myself as a children's illustrator. I've used quite a lot of artwork from Snowflakes for these tearsheets:

You can read more here on how I created these pieces.

July 27, 2011
by chris

Remember this comic? Well, we created a t-shirt based on it! On sale now!