Greg loves things. He's about as geeky as you'll find when it comes to objects of trivia and memorized knowledge, and will someday make an excellent museum docent.

Lusitania (Lu)

AGE 10

Lu is aged double digits and feeling it. Although she enjoys her status as one of the elders, deep down she wishes she could be young again.



You wouldn't know it to talk to her, but Sloan is probably the happiest kid in the orphanage. She spends most of her time nosing around books and laying in bed, unencumbered by any sense of inadequacy.



Enzo has only been at the orphanage for a few months, but he already knows more about it than anyone else. For the moment, those big ears are coming in handy.



Glory is better than anyone at getting the other kids to laugh, but more often than not it's at him, rather than with him. Although he puts up with more abuse than most, he has a healthy level of resilience. If school doesn't crush his spirits, he'll probably be prime minister of a country some day.



Wray is the toughest kid in the orphanage. The toughest kid in any orphanage. She once wedgied a kid so hard he split in two. She then put him back together with the most vicious Indian burn anyone has ever seen. At least, that's what I heard.



Priti is a born leader, but a terrible planner. Although she works furiously when put on a new task, she quickly loses interest once she perceives diminishing returns. Still, while she's in work mode, she's great to have on your side.

On a mountain top somewhere in the Andes mountains, a small group of very, very, very old nuns maintains a cozy orphanage. The kids have lost their families, and it may never stop snowing, but there's always a fire in the fireplace and a never-ending supply of snowballs just outside the front door.

Every Christmas, families used to come from all around to adopt. Now, sometimes only a single family arrives. Or none at all. With such tight competition, only a few kids get picked every year. The older they get, the worse their chances.

But that's okay. Just because you don't have a family, it doesn't mean you can't have a plan.


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Floor plans of the orphanage
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